Dewan Institute of Fashion Design

The Dewan Institute of Fashion Design prepares students to develop sensitivity towards innovative design, learning from universal design approach and local context. The Institute aims to prepare students to meet the rapidly changing and the growing demands of the international and local fashion markets. The programme provides a conscious, hands-on experience that enables students to conceptualize designs, make patterns, drape and construct garments of quality. Courses are designed to help the students learn the fundamentals of professional draping, patternmaking, and sewing techniques along with supporting courses. The specifically designed programme brings the renowned fashion designers, artists, photographers, makeup and hairstylists to the classrooms in order to share their experiences and success stories with the students.

Bachelor in Fashion Design

The programme provides a unique opportunity to its students to be exposed to different aspects of the fashion world. The students will attend shows, visit garment factories, textile and design studios to understand the entire sphere of the fashion industry. Towards the end of the programme students will be required to present their collections and illustrations to a board of faculty and will be asked to organise a fashion presentation.

The four-year Bachelor in Fashion Design will provide in-depth study of pattern construction, sewing and cover the complete range of dress design. Through history and theory to modern market trends, aspects of fashion, marketing and merchandizing will also be covered to enable students to step into modern day fashion industry fully prepared and with confidence.

Course Outline

1st Semester                                                                           2nd Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-101 English-I (Compulsory) 2
2 PKST-102 Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) 2
3 DRW-103 Basic Drawing-I 3
4 DHT-104 Design History & Theory-I 1
5 DC-105 Introduction to Computers –l / Digital Communication-I 2
6 HAC-106 History of Art & Culture-I 1
7 MNM-107 Material and Models 3
8 SHP-108 Shaping-I 3
Total 17
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-151 English-II (Compulsory) 2
2 ISL-152 Islamic Studies (Compulsory) 2
3 DRW-153 Basic Drawing-II 3
4 DHT-154 Design History & Theory-II 1
5 DC-155 Introduction to Computers – ll /Digital Communication-II 2
6 HAC-156 History of Art and Culture-II 1
7 MATH-157 Mathematics (Geometry and Drafting) 3
8 SHP-158 Shaping-II 3
Total 17

3rd Semester                                                                           4th Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-201 English-III (Compulsory) 1
2 PAT-202 Pattern-I 2
3 FDS-203 Fashion Design Studio-I 2
4 SEW-204 Sewing-I (Machine Sewing) 1
5 DGF-205 Digital Fashion-I 1
6 HOC-206 History of Costume-I 1
7 DRP-207 Draping-I 3
8 TXB-208 Textile Basics 2
9 HAT-209 Human Anatomy: Drawing     1
10 BHS-210 Basics of Hand Sewing 1
11 FSD-211 Fashion Detail 2
Total 17
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 MTP-252 Pattern Construction-I 2
2 FDS-253 Fashion Design Studio-II 3
3 SEW-254 Sewing-II (Machine Sewing) 1
4 DGF-255 Digital Fashion-II 1
5 PPC-256 Project Presentation and Choreography 1
6 DRP-257 Draping-II 3
7 PHT-258 Photography 2
8 CFS-260 Couture Finishing-I (Hand Sewing-II) 1
9 ENG-202 English-IV (Compulsory) 1
10 MKT-263 Marketing and Merchandising 2
Total 17

5th Semester                                                                           6th Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-301 English-IV 1
2 MTP-302 Pattern Construction-II 3
3 FDS-303 Fashion Design Studio-III 3
4 SEW-304 Sewing-III (Advanced) 3
5 DGF-305 Digital Fashion-III 1
6 HCF-306 History of Costume and Fashion-III 1
7 DRP-307 Draping-III 3
8 CFS-261 Couture Finishing-II (Hand Sewing-II) 1
9 FRH-312 Foreign Language (French-II) 1
Total 18
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-351 English-V 1
2 MTP-352 Pattern Construction-III 3
3 FDS-353 Fashion Design Studio-IV 3
4 SEW-354 Sewing-IV 3
5 DGF-355 Digital Fashion-IV (CAD / CAM) 1
6 HCF-356 History of Costume and Fashion-IV 1
7 DRP-357 Draping-IV 3
8 CFS-262 Couture Finishing-III (Hand Sewing-II) 1
9 FRH-362 Foreign Language (French-III) 1
Total 18

7th Semester                                                                           8th Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-401 English-VI 1
2 PAT-402 Pattern-V (Grading) 3
3 FDS-403 Fashion Design Studio-V 3
4 SEW-404 Sewing-V 3
5 DRP-407 Draping-V 3
6 CFS-263 Couture Finishing-IV (Hand Sewing-II) 1
7 PPC-257 Project Presentation and Choreography 1
8 CNP-414 Costing and Planning 1
9 INT-415 Internship 1
Total 18
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ENG-451   English-VII (Dissertation)     2
2 Collection / Final Project 10
Total 12

Total Credit Hours: 134

Admission criteria

Students holding F.Sc./F.A./I. Comm. with minimum 50% marks from Pakistan or an equivalent qualification from overseas university/school are eligible to apply. Entrance test is a prerequisite.

Fee structure

- Admission fee: PKR 10,000
- Security deposit (at the time of admission): PKR 5,000 refundable
- Tuition fee: PKR 65,000 per semester