Faculty of Management Sciences

The Faculty of Management Sciences of SBB Dewan University imparts knowledge among students to discover the basics of business environment, the nature of management, and the skills required to manage an enterprise. A key feature of faculty of Management Sciences is to enable students for entrepreneurship. The faculty offers following degree programmes:

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration
MBA - Master of Business Administration
EMBA - Executive Master of Business Administration (weekend programme)

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

The four-year degree programme is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in business and its management. The course provides students a conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge in various aspects of business such as finance, economics, operations, marketing, accounting etc. This course enables students to acquire management skills at very early stage and helps them to learn the knowledge of business world and act as a leader to take decisions in business world. The course gives students an advantage to engage in critical thinking and enables them to deal with complex business issues by integrating theory with practice.

Course Outline

1st Semester                                                                           2nd Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 DBA-201 Financial Accounting 3 +1
2 DBA-202 Principles of Management 3
3 DBA-203 Principles of Marketing 3
4 DBA-204 Business Mathematics 3
5 DBA-205 English-I 3
6 DBA-206 Personal Skills Development-I 3
Total 19
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 DBA-207 Intermediate Accounting 3
2 DBA-208 Micro Economics 3
3 DBA-209 Pakistan Studies 3
4 DBA-210 Introduction to Business Finance 3
5 DBA-211 IT in Business 2
6 DBA-212 Islamic Studies 3
Total 17

3rd Semester                                                                           4th Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 DBA-213 Psychology 3
2 DBA-214 English-II 3
3 DBA-215 Macro Economics 3
4 DBA-216 Statistics 3
5 DBA-217 Social Entrepreneurship 3
6 DBA-218   Marketing Management       3
Total 18
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 DBA-219 Managerial Accounting 3
2 DBA-220 Human Resource Management 3
3 DBA-221 Business Law 3
4 DBA-222 Management Information Systems 3
5 DBA-223 Entrepreneurship 3
6 DBA-224 English-III 3
Total 18

5th Semester                                                                           6th Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 DBA-225 Financial Management 3
2 DBA-226 Business Communication & Report Writing 3
3 DBA-227 Organizational Behavior 3
4 DBA-228 Business Ethics 3
5 DBA-229 Analysis of Pakistan Industries 3
Total 15
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 DBA-230 Methods of Business Research 3
2 DBA-231 Personal Skills Development-II 2
3 DBA-232 International Marketing 3
4 DBA-233 Entrepreneurship Project 3
Total 11

7th Semester                                                                           8th Semester

S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 DBA-234 Operations Research 3
2 DBA-235 Quantitative Management Science 3
3 DBA-236 Elective-I 3
4 DBA-237 Elective-II 3
5 DBA-238 Final Year Project ½ 3
Total 12
S.No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 DBA-239 Elective-III 3
2 DBA-240 Elective-IV 3
3 DBA-241 Internship 2
4 DBA-238   Final Year Project 2/2           3
Total 11

Total Credit Hours: 121 +3 (Final Year Project)

Admission criteria

Students holding F.Sc. and I. Comm. with minimum 50% marks from Pakistan or an equivalent qualification from overseas university/school are eligible to apply. Entrance test is a prerequisite.

Fee structure

- Admission fee: PKR 10,000
- Security deposit (at the time of admission): PKR 5,000 refundable
- Tuition fee: PKR 45,000 per semester