The Faculty of Commerce

The Faculty of Commerce of SBB Dewan University imparts the knowledge among students to discover the basics of commerce environment, the nature of management, and the skills required to manage the business and market. A key feature of the faculty of Commerce is to enable students for the growing market of Pakistan and for formulating the policies related to the commerce industry. The faculty offers abachelor degree programme in Commerce of BS Commerce

BS Commerce

The four-year degree programme BS in Commerce is multi-disciplinary programme designed to prepare students for critical thinking and leadership roles. The course provides students a conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge in various aspects of commerce industry and prepares them to solve practical problems through developing basic and contemporary skills. This course trains students in the dynamic field of commerce and enables them for advanced studies of the growing field.

Course Outline

1st Semester                                                                           2nd Semester

Course No. Subject Credit Hours
Islamic Studies 2
Functional English 3
Introduction to Business 3
Principle of Accounting 3
Micro Economics 3
Business Mathematics 3
Total 17
Course No. Subject Credit Hours
Pakistan Studies 2
Business Communication 3
Computer Application in Business 3
Financial Accounting 3
Macro Economics 3
Business Statics 3
Total 17

3rd Semester                                                                           4th Semester

Course No. Subject Credit Hours
Business Law 3
Technical Writing and Presentation skills 3
Introduction to Business Finance 3
Advanced Accounting -I 3
Economics Issues of Pakistan 3
Introduction to Psychology and Organization Behavior 3
Total 18
Course No. Subject Credit Hours
Introduction to Sociology 3
English-IV /Information Technology in Business 3
Cost Accounting 3
Advanced Accounting-II 3
Principles of Management 3
Inferential Statistics 3
Total 18

5th Semester                                                                           6th Semester

Course No. Subject Credit Hours
Business Research Method 3
Managerial Economics 3
Financial Management 3
Principles of Marketing 3
Business Ethics and CSR 3
Leadership and Community Development 3
Total 18
Course No. Subject Credit Hours
Logic and Critical Thinking 2
Principles of Auditing 3
Human Resource Management 3
Managerial Accounting 3
Entrepreneurships and SMEs Management 3
Corporate Laws and Secretarial Practice 3
Total 17

7th Semester                                                                           8th Semester

Course No. Subject Credit Hours
Strategic Management 3
Business Taxation 3
E-Commerce / Computerized Accounting 3
Elective-I 3
Elective-II 3
Total 15
Course No. Subject Credit Hours
Corporate Governance 3
Elective-III 3
Elective-IV 3
Internship and Viva Voce along with a Course (3+3) / Research Project and Viva Voce (6) / Two Courses and Exam (3+3) 6
Total 15

Total Credit Hours: ---

Admission criteria

Students holding F.Sc. and I. Com. with minimum 50% marks from Pakistan or an equivalent qualification from overseas university/college are eligible to apply. Entrance test is a prerequisite.

Fee structure

- Admission fee: PKR 10,000
- Security deposit (at the time of admission): PKR 5,000 refundable
- Tuition fee: PKR 40,000 per semester