Executive MBA

The Executive MBA programme is a tailor-made degree programme designed specifically for the mid-career professionals. Considering the growing competition in job market, EMBA provides an opportunity for the professionals of corporate organizations working at managerial positions, to enhance their skills that are required for promotions and growth in their respective sectors.

This especially designed degree aims to impart contemporary knowledge, enhance skills and groom the professionals to take up leading positions in their organisations. The programme provides an opportunity for the mid-career professionals to explore their individual strength and become effective in their professional roles.

Senior Executives and HR Departments of large and medium corporations are urged to take advantage of this programme to improve quality and efficiency of their team members and colleagues. Senior and experienced executives from the corporate sectors will be invited to teach and share their experiences, contemporary knowledge and techniques, and help the EMBA candidates to excel in their fields.

Course Outline

1st Semester
S.No. CourseCode Course Title Credit Hours
1 MBA-201 Financial Accounting 3
2 MBA-202 Principles of Management 3
3 MBA-203 Principles of Marketing 3
4 MBA-204 Business Mathematics 3
5 MBA-205     Principles of Economics     3
Total 15
2nd Semester
S.No. CourseCode Course Title Credit Hours
1 DBA-206 Statistics 3
2 MBA-207 Introduction to Business Finance 3
3 MBA-208 Business Law 3
4 MBA-209 Marketing Management 3
5 MBA-210 Management Information Systems 3
Total 15
3rd Semester
S.No. CourseCode Course Title Credit Hours
1 MBA-211 Human Resource Management 3
2 MBA-212 Organizational Behavior 3
3 MBA-213 Methods of Business Research 3
4 MBA-214 Financial Management 3
5 MBA-215 Business Communication & Report Writing 3
6 MBA-216 Final Year Project ½ 3
Total 15
4th Semester
S.No. CourseCode Course Title Credit Hours
1 MBA-217     Strategic Management         3
2 MBA-218 Elective-I 3
3 MBA-219 Elective-II 3
4 MBA-216 Final Year Project 2/2 3
5 MBA-220 Elective-III 3
6 MBA-221 Elective-IIV 3
Total 18
Total Credit Hours: 60 + 3 (Final Year Project)

MBA Marketing Elective Courses

1. Integrated Marketing Communication
2. Integrated Marketing Communication
3. Marketing Research
4. Sales Management
5. Seminars In Marketing

MBA Finance Elective Courses

1. Corporate Finance
2. Financial Reporting And Analysis
3. Financial Risk Management
4. Investment Analysis And Portfolio Management

MBA HR Elective Courses

1. Recruitment & Selection
2. Training And Development

MBA Management Elective Courses

1. Comparative Management Systems
2. Total Quality Management
3. Project Management

Admission criteria

Graduate with minimum 2nd division from Pakistan or an equivalent qualification from overseas university are eligible to apply. Five-year experience of an organization is mandatory to apply for EMBA. Entrance test is a prerequisite.

Fee structure

– Admission fee: PKR 5,000
– Enrolment fee: PKR 5,000
– Per Course fee: PKR 7,000